Do you love or hate Brussels sprouts? I love them! Recipe ideas for enjoying this festive vegetable as a side dish.

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London, 13th December 2012 – The Brussels sprouts are either loved or hated. I re-discovered my love for them here in London, and right now the plants in my allotment are full of delicious sprouts.

Brussels sprouts plant

I find that the best way to enjoy Brussels sprouts is to cut them in half, boil until al dente (firm to the bite) in salty water, and then simply season with olive oil and lemon or balsamic vinegar.

Brussels Sprouts, garlic, oil and hot chilli

For all those people who do not normally appreciate Brussels sprouts much, I suggest to try to cut and cook the sprouts in unusual ways. I like to cut them into 5mm thick slices and then stir fry with garlic, oil and chilli, Italian-style . You can also add nuts (I added roasted pine nuts) to obtain a ‘festive side dish.

pictures on the left

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Crisps

I often pull off the individual leaves and roast them in the oven with a lot of extra virgin olive oil and lightly salted. The result is brilliant: A mountain of Brussels sprout leaves slightly charred on the tips (like green crisps). Pulling the leaves off is a tedious job, so the easiest way is to cut the base to loosen the leaves. You pull the leaves until you have only the centre of the sprout which you slice thinly.

Potato and Brussels Sprouts Bake serving tray

Brussels sprout leaves also taste good when baked with potatoes in a rich creamy sauce. This dish is the easiest way to convince reluctant Brussels sprouts eaters to give it a try. The sprouts are hidden amongst the potatoes and their slightly bitter flavour adds a special character to the creamy sauce (please find the recipes with step by step pictures below).

picture on the left

I’m entering Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts Bake recipe into the December Simple and in Season which is organised by Ren Behan from Fabulicious Food and this month is hosted by Karen at Lavender and Lovage.




(Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts Bake)



  • 800 g potatoes, peeled
  • 150 g Brussels sprout leaves
  • 1 shallot, peeled and finely sliced
  • sea salt
  • black pepper, freshly ground
  • 30 g salted butter
  • 350 ml double cream diluted with 400 ml vegetable stock
  • parmesan cheese, freshly grated

you also need

  • 34 x 24 cm ovenproof dish



cut the peeled potatoes into 5mm thick slices

Preheat the oven to 200°C (fan assisted) and cut the peeled potatoes into 5mm thick slices.

arrange a single layer of potatoes slices in the dish

Spread butter across the bottom and sides of a large ovenproof dish. Arrange a single layer of potatoes slices in the dish, and then sprinkle with the shallot slices.

Scatter the brussels sprout leaves on top

Scatter the Brussels sprout leaves on top, season with black pepper and salt and sprinkle small pieces of butter over the leaves. Repeat these layers until all the ingredients have been used (I made three layers).

Pour the double cream and stock mixture over the top

Pour the double cream and stock mixture over the top and sprinkle with the Parmesan and pieces of butter.

Cover the ovenproof dish with foil and bake it for 45 minutes; then remove the foil and bake for another 20 minutes or until the vegetables are tender and the top is golden brown. If the cream is too thin, quickly transfer it in a saucepan and simmer over the hob until it reaches a more creamy consistency. Pour the creamy sauce back over the baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Serve warm!

Click the picture for a printable version of Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts Bake recipe!

Click the picture for a printable version of Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts Bake recipe!

What about you?

Do you love or hate Brussels sprouts?

If you have a good recipe that you can recommend, please write it in the comments box (feel free to add a link of your post), and I will add it to this post. Thanks

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56 Responses to Do you love or hate Brussels sprouts? I love them! Recipe ideas for enjoying this festive vegetable as a side dish.

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  2. Adri says:

    Buon anno, Rita!

    Oh, for the first, 58 years of my life I just HATED brussels sprouts. Then about 2 years ago I tasted what the Farmer’s Market vendor called “baby brussels sprouts.” Tinier and sweeter than the usual supermarket variety, they were divine sauteed well and topped with some toasted chopped hazelnuts and crispy crumbled bacon or pancetta.

    Your recipe and the very clear step by step directions are excellent. Also, how gracious of you to have invited others to post. What a wonderful community of food writers you have developed. I first met you when you came to my site from Chiara.

    Let me include a link here for an intriguing vegetable called Kaleidoscope Sprouts – a cross between brussels sprouts and kale. Doesn’t that sound great? The variety is quite new. I am in Los Angeles, and no one has seen them here yet. I am most anxious to try them.The post was written by Domenica Marchetti (of the site DomenicaCooks) American cookbook and food writer.

    • Rita says:

      Thank you Adri!! I like to have links with good recipes on my website. It’s nice to be part of a community. Farmer’s Market Baby Brussels sprouts sound good and sweeter than the standard supermarket sprouts. I am sure that they taste better. I am very lucky to have my allotment sprouts…and now I am very curious about this new vegetable called Kaleidoscope Sprouts, thank you for adding Domenica Marchetti’s link!

  3. Jette aka Yetta says:

    I tried this and found it delicious.
    What is more I also found it worked really well as a base for my left over pork joint.
    I cut thick slices of the pork and tore them into managable sizes which I incorporated in the layers.
    Incidentally; on the second making I sliced the brussel sprouts instead of picking them apart.
    Thanks for such a versatile and yummie dish 🙂

    • Rita says:

      Thank you Yetta! And thank you for sharing your recipe idea with us. I love the idea of a salty meat between the layers of sprouts/potatoes. ONE-DISH MEAL IDEAwhat a lovely idea I need to try this out. Regarding the way to cut the Brussels I tried both method too: sliced sprouts or picking them apart!

  4. I honestly don’t remember how they taste like, it has been ages! I was somewhere in between, neither loved or hated them, when I had them first as a kid. I can imagine that the baked layered potatoes and Brussel sprouts would taste great. Thank you Rita for sharing other brussel sprouts recipe ideas!

    • Rita says:

      A life without Brussels sprouts???? LOL I guess that GOA offers amazing and very exciting vegetables as an alternative to our Brussels sprouts…

  5. Forgot to say your recipe is lovely and thanks for entering it into simple and in season! Karen

  6. I am a big sprout lover, as you may know and I will add my latest recipe here to your link! Merry Christmas Rita and thanks for being such a lovely friend over the last year! Karen xxxx

  7. Buonissimi, soltanto che in famiglia piacciono solo a me, quindi li preparo raramente! Ottima la tua ricetta, da provare sicuramente! Ciao

    • Rita says:

      Lo so cara Molly e’ difficile cucinare qualcosa che non e’ condiviso da tutta la famiglia! Anche nella mia famiglia piacciono solo a me e a mio marito, per questo ho pensato modi diversi per cucinarli!!

  8. Choclette says:

    Your allotment sprouts look so fresh and healthy. I love sprouts as long as they aren’t old and I’m quite happy with them just as they are, but your gratin dish does sound rather good.

    • Rita says:

      Oh Choclette, you are a real Brussels sprouts lover! I am quite proud of my allotment sprouts, I’ve been looking after them for a long time…

  9. cakewhiz says:

    the more i think about it, the more i realize that i have never worked with brussel sprouts :S i always thought they would taste bad and not be my cup of tea but seeing your recipe has me thinking: what the heck is wrong with me coz they look delicious! lol

    • Rita says:

      Thank you!!!! I hope you would give it a try next time you will be served a Brussels sprouts dish!! PS The sprouts are more enjoyable cooked in a creamy sauce….

  10. Hi Rita, I sit fairly in the camp that loves Brussel Sprouts. I usually pan fry them with garlic, olive oil, bacon/pancetta and chestnuts then sprinkle with a touch of parmesan but I love your suggestions. I would never have thought of baking them – what a super idea!

  11. Chiara says:

    devo aver combinato un pasticcio, ho aggiunto il link sbagliato, vedo di correggere se posso….Adoro i cavoletti e proverò di cero la tua sfiziosa ricetta, buona domenica!

    • Rita says:

      Nessun problema, cara Chiara ho sistemato il link ed ora e’ tutto a posto!! Grazie per aver conesso la tua gustosa ricetta di cavoletti con il mio post!

  12. Another lovely recipe, Rita. Very unusual I think it sounds wonderful and very delicious. Thank you so much for entering Simple and in Season via Karen xx

  13. Hi Rita,
    I love love Brussels sprouts! Your recipes all sound great and I’m excited to the ones with the potatoes. Sounds yummy.

    I added my link and thanks for the roundup. I’ll be back to see other’s recipes.

  14. You know I’m not the greatest fan of sprouts but I have to say that the bake sounds lovely and roasting individual leaves has me intrigued! One to try I think!

    • Rita says:

      Dear Sian to pull off the leaves is a tedious job, but roasted sprouts are really yummy! My little boy loves to pull the leaves….he is my helper.

  15. I LOVE Brussels sprouts and I love yours with potato.Totally yum!

  16. wow! so many good ideas to copy at the first occasion. really a good tutorial for someone like me, who generally does not particularly like this “heavy” vegetable. your bake looks and sounds simply delicious. and all the other ways of cooking the sprouts so much more appealing than how I have usually eaten them. thank you! you really are a master chef!

    • Rita says:

      Thank you Barbara! Brussels sprouts are quite heavy, I love to pull off their leaves. The sprout is less ‘heavy’ if you roast individual leaves. Master chef??? I’m just a housewife chef!!

  17. petra08 says:

    I love Brussels sprouts! We just picked the first of the year last week! Like you I love to take the leaves off and roast them, delicious! Your bakes looks delish, and even better with Parmesan cheese!

    • Rita says:

      Great Petra! The roasted Brussels leaves are a real treat…I hope my plants will keep on growing and producing many sprouts!!

  18. lory b says:

    Sono buonissimi!!!!!! Di solito li faccio bollire e poi li ripasso in padella con olio, peperoncino, aglio e due acciughine!!!!! Buonissimi!!!!
    Proverò la tua ricetta!!! Meravigliosa!!!!
    Un abbraccio e tanti baci!!!

    • Rita says:

      Anch’io come te, cara Lory uso aggiungere le acciughe ovunque…specialmente quando soffriggo aglio, olio e peperoncino. Mi piace come esaltano il sapore di questo classico soffritto Italiano!! Grazie e ciao

  19. Tandy says:

    We love them, and I usually pan fry them in butter and add black pepper, or even serve them raw 🙂

  20. I just love sprouts in all their guises except boiled for 20mins! Steamed sprouts, tossed in butter, sea salt then served with brown sauce and cold meat on Boxing Day. Yum yum.

  21. cristina says:

    I cavoletti mi piacciono moltissimo, in effetti non è una verdura che piace a tutti, eppure sono anche belli da vedere secondo me!! Grazie per queste idee diverse, ci proverò sicuramente.
    Un bacione,

  22. Rita I love this dish I love brussels!!

  23. I don’t hate brussel sprouts anymore my friend, I love this 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Rita says:

      Thank you CCU! It’s hard to convince young people like you…but the green crisps and the creamy version are really enjoyable!!

  24. Alida says:

    You are so creative! Non avrei mai pensato di tostare i cavolini in questo modo. Davvero un’ottima idea che provero’ la prossima volta. Io vado pazza per qualsiasi tipo di cavolo ma in particolare per quelli di Bruxell.
    Sei bravissima Rita. Un abbraccio.

    • Rita says:

      Grazie per il creativa! In realta’ la mia suocera che vive in Danimarca offre le patate con panna spesso, io ho solo pensato di aggiungere le foglie di cavolo e diluire la panna con il brodo… la salsina devo dire che diventa molto buona ma mi raccomando bisogna farla ritirare se e’ troppo loquida (i cavoletti cuocendosi potrebbero produrre piu’ liquido). C I A O

  25. Ely says:

    Cara.. credo che i cavoletti di Bruxelles siano sempre troppo sottovalutati o ci sono sempre troppi pregiudizi nei loro confronti. In realtà sono buonissimi, saporiti, corposi…e quindi, io voto per il mi piace!! Complimenti di cuore. Buonissimo!

    • Rita says:

      Grazie Ely! Sei un’altra amica dei cavoletti!! Qui in Inghilterra sono il contorno tradizionale del giorno di Natale per cui non solo le piante nel mio orto ma anche i supermercati al momento sono colmi di cavoletti…

  26. Great ideas Rita. I’ll be trying the brussels cooked with garlic, oil and chilli idea first. Have you tried growing Red Rubens sprouts on your allotment? They’re a lovely colour and delicious too.

    • Rita says:

      Red Rubens sprouts? It sounds good. I’ve regular Brussels sprouts on my allotment (it’s a new allotment…I had the plot only since June!), but I will try this variety next year!! Thank you

  27. I had some sprouts delivered this morning and I am so going to try this! Great idea to do the link up too.

  28. This looks delicious! What a great way to eat Brussel sprouts. I don’t need any convincing on this one.

  29. Claudia says:

    Rita!!!!! Ritaaaaa.. Ritaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. io li AMOOOOOOOOOOOO.. alla follia direi! Scoperti grazie al mio fidanzato 3 anni fa.. mai più lasciati.. Ognis ettimana sono nel mio frigorifero! Fatti bolliti e conditi con olio e limone e sale son la fine del mondo.. ma anche io mi son dilettata in molteplici ricette (presenti nel blog).. però.. questa tua.. con patate.. tutte le belle foglie separate.. e quella panna diluita! mi attira!!!! le farò.. stanne certa.. appena ho patate in casa!!! baci e buona giornata 🙂

    • Rita says:

      Buongiorno Claudia e grazie! Mi fa piacere che anche tu come me li ami… adesso mi vado subito a trovare una bella ricetta di cavoletti nel tuo blog!! Ciao

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