Inspired by the beauty of Rome, I will start a new year of blogging with traditional Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca alla Romana

London, 10th January 2012 – The festive season has come and gone. I spent the holiday with my family in Italy, first in a small village in the mountains of Abruzzo where my dad was born, and later in my beloved hometown: Rome.

Area Sacra di Largo Argentina - Rome Italy

I like to walk quietly through the streets of Rome and immerse myself in its unique atmosphere of alleys paved with cobblestones, artistic fountains, remains of monuments from the Roman Empire, and impressive baroque churches.

Outdoor tables - Campo di Fiori RomeAt lunch and dinner time, the streets are filled with aromas of freshly cooked food; and outdoor tables are full of hungry people. The dishes listed on the menu are mainly traditional Roman recipes, but there are also new recipes made using traditional Italian ingredients. These dishes have a simple but excellent taste and reflect the need to cook healthy dishes in line with our modern lifestyle: busy but often sedentary.

Fontana di Quattro Fiumi Piazza Navona - Rome ItalyNo Dumping Plaque


I have come back home to England with lots of ideas and many traditional and non-traditional Italian recipes to try out and share on this blog!

Saltimbocca veal, sage and prosciutto

I like to start my new year of blogging with a classic dish of the Roman tradition: the Saltimbocca. I had already published a recipe with similar ingredients, Saltimbocca di pollo (Chicken Saltimbocca), but this recipe uses veal instead of chicken as the tradition requires. I, together with my Mum, made this dish during the holidays.

You should ask the butcher to cut slices of veal 5mm thick, or otherwise flatten thicker veal steaks (1-2cm) with a meat hammer. Try to have medium size veal escalopes which are easier to turn on a frying pan, compared with larger ones.

I’m entering this recipe into the January Herbs on a Saturday challenge which is organised by Karen from Lavender and Lovage and this month is hosted by Vanesther at Bangers & Mash.





  • 4 veal escalopes 5mm thick
  • 4 sage leaves (if you do not have fresh sage, you can use dried sage)
  • 4 thin slices of prosciutto crudo (Parma ham)
  • ½ cup of plain flour
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 20 g butter
  • sea salt (optional as Parma ham is already quite salty)
  • 40 ml white wine


Place the sage on top of the 5mm veal escalopes

Place the sage on top of the 5mm veal escalopes (my Mum uses dried sage, I prefer one leaf of fresh sage on each escalope).

Lay the prosciutto slice on top to cover the veal escalope

Lay the prosciutto slice on top to cover the veal escalope.

press each veal escalope prosciutto-‘sandwich’ into the flour

Coat the escalope with flour on both sides.

Pour flour onto a large plate and then press each veal escalope/prosciutto-‘sandwich’ into the flour to coat it on both sides.

Add to the pan the floured veal escalopes with the prosciutto side up

Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Add the floured veal escalopes with the prosciutto side up and cook them over a medium heat for 2 minutes.

Turn each escalope carefully.

Turn each escalope carefully.

Place a piece of butter (~5 g) on each escalope.

Place a piece of butter (~5 g) on each escalope.

Add the wine and cook for further 2 minutes

Add the wine and cook for further 2 minutes.

Turn the escalopes again and let the meat soak in the glossy sauce.

Turn the escalopes again and let the meat soak in the glossy sauce. Serve the Saltimbocca alla Romana warm with rustic bread!


Click the picture for a printable version of Saltimbocca alla Romana recipe!

Click the picture for a printable version of Saltimbocca alla Romana recipe!


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40 Responses to Inspired by the beauty of Rome, I will start a new year of blogging with traditional Saltimbocca alla Romana

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  2. Monet says:

    What a great way to start out 2013! I wish you could over and make this for me! Thank you for sharing with me. This post, along with my cup of hot chocolate, is making for a very lovely Thursday morning. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oooh this sounds so good. I love the name and could just do with this for dinner on a cold January night.

  4. Buon rientro dalle vacanze natalizie e buon anno mia cara Rita! Anche se non sono romana adoro Roma per le sue bellezze storiche oltre che per le tante specialità culinarie! Mi piace il tuo passo passo della ricetta, sono buonissimi questi saltimbocca e poi fatti da una vera romana sono il massimo, brava! Un abbraccio!

    • Rita says:

      Ciao Molly e grazie! Roma e’ una citta’ particolarmente attraente per le sue bellezze storiche, per me poi e’ specialissima perche’ in ogni angolo ho dei dolci (e a volte tristi) ricordi. Mia cara Molly e’ proprio vero che non si puo’ cancellare la propria storia e che rimane sempre nel cuore.

  5. cakewhiz says:

    i wish i could have gone to rome with you…lol. i have always wanted to travel and visit all these exotic places…
    but, for the time being, i can enjoy your pictures and authentic food 🙂

    • Rita says:

      When I was young I wanted to travel and visit exotic places. Rome was too small for me!!!! Now that I traveled around the world and live in London I like to go back ‘home‘ and enjoy its beauty.

  6. You inspire all Italian cuisine my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Alida says:

    Ma che belle foto di Roma! La citta’ piu’ bella d’Italia! E questi saltimbocca sono una delizia. Mi piace come hai fatto il tutorial. Molto chiaro e fa venire l’acquolina in bocca.
    Ti auguro un buon 2013 ricco di sorprese. Ciao!

    • Rita says:

      Cara Alida grazie! Io amo la mia citta’ perche’ ci sono nata ed ho avuto la fortuna di andare a scuola al centro sopra Piazza Venezia per cui ho goduto della veduta del centro storico in pieno!! Ma amo anche tante altre citta’ Italiane dal Nord al Sud sono tutte belle per ragioni diverse… tanti auguri anche a te per l’anno nuovo!

  8. I would be having goosebumps walking through rome and standing between all the old buildings from the former Roman Empire. This place must be having a mysterious energy to it, no?

    Rita where approximately in Italy is Abruzzo?

    I so wished I could get veal meat here and preferably quality healthy meat. Saltimbocco apparently should be one of my favorite dishes. I need to have a plate of that asap!

    • Rita says:

      Dear Helene, I agree Rome must have a mysterious energy which has allowed it to survive and develop for centuries!

      The region of Abruzzo is located in southern-central Italy, to the east of Rome on the Adriatic Sea. It is a quite pretty area if you like rural, authentic small villages and unspoiled countryside. The meat was bought in Abruzzo from a small village butcher shop. Yes! I agree quality healthy meat is the best.

  9. ma ci credi che non li ho mai fatti? stasera se trovo il vitello buono li cucino per la bimba, lei adora il prosciutto. bellissimo come hai impostato il sito con la versione schematica delle ricette e quella in italiano. io in queste cose mi perdo, anche se a provarci ci provo 🙂 se mi sono riposata a Natale? macche’… lavorato da casa, parenti in visita, e il panettone da fare – l’anno prossimo mi sa che vado ai tropici davvero 😉 bacioni e contenta di risentirti, mi sei mancata!

    • Rita says:

      Cara Barbara grazie! Il problema quando si vive all’estero e’ quello di trovare la carne di vitello buona… insomma delle feste poco ripossanti ma piene di impegni…io invece mi sono rilassata a Roma ma anche un po’ perduta in quella tipica PIGRIZIA Romana dove tutto procede lentamente tra il pranzo, la cena e la pausa caffe’. La famosa Bella Vita…ora pero’ sono di nuovo a Londra per cui devo adottare i tempi Inglesi Fast and Furious.

  10. I have never made sambocca before…they look very tender and delicious.

    • Rita says:

      Saltimbocca are tender if you cook them briefly (2 minutes each side circa). You need to have all the ingredients ready (prepared enscalopes, butter, wine)!!! Thank you Angie

  11. Tandy says:

    Thank you for this recipe Rita and I hope you had a wonderful time in Rome 🙂

  12. Hi Rita, your sambocca looks delicious. And thanks for the lovely photos of Rome. I have no idea when I’ll ever get to visit (I really hope it’ll be soon), and I enjoy these photos so much.

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  14. Hey Rita! Happy New Year to you. Looks like you had a fabulous time in Italy over Christmas. What a great way to start the New Year with a Roman dish. Like you, I would probably use fresh sage too 🙂

  15. andreamynard says:

    You are making me feel like cooking more Italian food again, your recipes all look delicious. And love the sound of your holiday time in Italy.

    • Rita says:

      Dear Andrea, it’s very inspiring to be in Italy and eat Italian food. I came back with a lot of ingredients and recipes ideas!!!

  16. Happy new year Rita and what a beautiful and poignant post too……it is so important to be with family at Christmas and other festivals and you obviously had a great time! Thanks for this lovely entry into Herbs on Saturday! Karen

    • Rita says:

      Thank you Karen! The holiday was great and I really enjoyed spending time with my family but it’s also nice to be back home….

  17. This post made me hungry: what a delightful recipe!

  18. Apart from a perfect Bistecca this is my favourite Italian dish. Love it.

  19. Happy new year Rita! It sounds like you had a lovely festive season. Do you know, I’ve never eaten veal which I really should do something about.

    • Rita says:

      Thank you Sian! Veal has a very interesting flavour. It is more delicate than steaks; I love thin escalopes because you can quickly cook them. I like to eat less but very flavoursome meat.

  20. Slice says:

    Happy New Year Rita! Good to have you and your posts back. As ever, this one has made my mouth water. Veal is on the shopping list for next week now!

    • Rita says:

      Thank you! This is a very simple recipe, but you need to have the right ingredients : good veal and Italian Prosciutto crudo!

  21. Ely says:

    Roma è meravigliosa, Rita. Ma anche questi saltimbocca che hai preparato non sono da meno! Che splendore devono essere buonissimi! Complimenti!

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