About Me

Hi, I’m Rita.


Welcome to my kitchen on the web. I live in London with my family but I was born in Rome and grew up in a traditional Italian family where food was and still is shaping everyday life.

My interest in food and its preparation started as a child, when watching my mum and dad being busy in the kitchen. I have many happy memories from my childhood bubbling up in my mind – like tasting pasta sauces that often had to cook for hours on a piece of fresh Rosetta bread dipped in the sauce. In my youth I mainly experimented with cooking other food like Chinese and Mexican, and only as a young woman, when I finally had my own hob and a few pans, did I start to embrace cooking of the great classic Italian dishes, aided by cook books, my parents’ advice and my natural instinct.

I am a curious person who appreciates new flavours, so when I travel, I always bring back home culinary ideas and inspiration. Experimenting with recipes from all around the world has refined my cooking skills and allowed me to return to my Italian recipes with a new enthusiasm and joy.

Passionate about food

I believe that eating should be an everyday enjoyable experience, where part of the joy of home cooked food comes not only from the wonderful flavours, but also from sharing it with appreciative family and friends. I also believe that simple homemade food can indeed be very special.

A blog for sharing my love for cooking

I wish to communicate the gratification I feel when I cook; the expectation and subsequent delight I experience, when I savour a finished dish that tastes just right thanks to my tried and tested tips. Some of these tips I would like to share with you on this blog!